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Recrument Information

Edogawa-key, Tokyo

Location Edogawa-key, Tokyo
Position name technology/quality section chief
Job descriptions technical and quality support for DC stabilized power supply production and marketing
Main business content
(1)Technical support
・ Specification revision management and review
・ Technical verification
・ Customer technology corresponding
(2) Quality support
・ Market defect analysis
・ Defect analysis report preparation and evaluation
・ Customer quality response
(3) Safety specification management
・ Safety specification verification
・ Safety specification application approval and maintenance management
① Necessary skills
・ Know movements, structure and reliability of electronic products.
・ Know principles and movements of switch power supply
・ Know manufacture and production technology
・ Know domestic and overseas safety specifications
・ Know quality technology
② Experience
・ Candidates with experience in switch power supply design or test adjustment
③ Personality
・ Energetic and cheerful
④ Education
・ At least college graduates
  • ①Annual income: interview (based on experience, position, etc.)
  • ②Monthly income: interview (base salary others mode)
  • ③Subsidy: transportation fee, overtime pay, position subsidy, etc.
  • ④Bonus: available
  • ⑤Annual holidays: 120 days
  • ⑥Paid leave: 10-20 days
  • ⑦Social security: heath, health annuity, employment and labor compensation
  • ⑧Pension system: available
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